I am a design strategist, art director, designer, and illustrator.  

At my previous company, I played an integral part in building Group SJR into a leader in the digital content marketing space. I was the founding member and director of the design team, where I worked closely with business development, content strategy, audience development, editorial and multimedia teams to create outstanding content that established clients as thought leaders in their industry. The digital publications designed by my team are now editorial destinations, drawing loyal audiences and enhancing brand reputation.

Notable clients and projects include: General Electric (txchnologist, GE Reports, GE tumblr), Target (A Bullseye View), and Barneys (The Window). 

I'm also a part-time food stylist and enjoy making beautiful physical and digital things, regardless of medium. 

Please contact me at simplyjenwong@gmail.com with any inquiries, and follow my instagram adventures @simplyjenwong!